Exercise and pregnancy

Scientific evidence shows that women who are physically fit before pregnancy have fewer aches and pains and feel they have more energy during their pregnancies.

How do I prepare for pregnancy?

Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise (that makes you sweat), five days a week, to enjoy long-term good health. This will also prepare you for the physical challenges of pregnancy and labour, and help you maintain or achieve a healthy BMI for pregnancy.

How do I stay active during pregnancy?

If you were active for at least six months before your pregnancy, ask your health-care professional about whether you may continue your sports or workouts safely. As you move further into your pregnancy and your body changes, you may feel mild aches and pains due to looser joints and shifting of your body weight. You may need to revise your exercise program every trimester to reduce the risk of falls and limit high-impact activities.

If you have not been active before your pregnancy, start low and go slow. Try regular brisk walking, swimming, strength training for pregnant women, or other activities that will strengthen your heart and lungs and tone your muscles. It is recommended that you wait until the second trimester to start your program.

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