Endometriosis and fertility

If you have endometriosis, it may be more difficult to become pregnant.

If you have endometriosis, it may be more difficult to become pregnant because scar tissue can block your Fallopian tubes, making it challenging for egg and sperm to meet. Endometriosis can also lead to an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, when the fertilized egg implants and grows inside of the Fallopian tube.

If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, it is important to speak with your health-care professional about conceiving. Scar tissue caused by endometriosis can sometimes be removed through laparoscopy. In vitro fertilization is also an option, but success rates are lower for women with endometriosis.

The good news is that many women with endometriosis are able to conceive, however for some it may take longer. If you have endometriosis, are under 35, and have not conceived after having regular, unprotected sex for a year, you may be experiencing infertility problems associated with endometriosis.

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